Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 reasons why I hate Nick Jr.

1. The annoying songs/music videos that come on between each show.  
It is sad when you know all the words to these songs and they are stuck in your head all day, but I couldn't tell you any of the new top 40 songs on the radio.  The most annoying one is "What are you feeling?" and the lady does sign language with it....Ahh so annoying!

2. Craft ideas
Nick Jr always has craft ideas to do with your kids like making Dora Cupcakes, Fresh Beat Band Smoothies, Backyardigans Hopscotch and Ni-ho Ki lan Animal masks.  First, I hate doing crafts.  Secondly, I don't need my babysitter making me feel like an inadequate mother.  Once I did attempt to make "The Fresh Beat Band Smoothies" with my kids.  It wasn't good enough for them because I didn't print out the faces of the Fresh beat band and stick them onto their straws.  I am not going to waste my money on crafts supplies I will never use again.
My Message to Nick Jr:  Stop doing craft Ideas...I will never do crafts with my kids.  Instead, you should give games ideas.  I love playing games and my kids love playing games.  Even if I did the crafts with my kids, it would be a one time thing and the artwork would than sit in a closet or in the trash.

3. Yo Gabba Gabba
Whoever created this show must be on drugs!  This show is pure insanity and really annoying.  They try to cover up how ridiculous this show is by having cool celebrities appear.  Just because Jack Black does a dancey dance doesn't make this program any cooler or any less ridiculous.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chronic Constipation

My poor 8 month old has been constipated since he was born. I was first concerned for him as a newborn and he only pooped every three days. As a nursing baby he should of pooped at least every day. The Dr. a sured me that some babies poop less than others and not to be concerned. At every wellness check-up I would share my concerns of his constipation. The Dr. told me to just give him Mira lax. Mira lax does help him go but it doesn't explain to me why he won't poop on his own and why he is so cranky all the time. After searching the internet for answers I realized that he might be lactose intolerant. So I gave up dairy! He is a different baby since I gave up dairy and he finally pooped on his own without the help of Mira lax and he pooped has pooped everyday for the last week. He has never pooped every day for a week straight ever!

So exciting...but it made me think. Is this what my life has come to? Getting excited over my baby's pooping habits. Yes it has! I am proud to be a mother and experience the quirky things of motherhood that no one else understands unless you are a mother. So, I am writing this blog for all the mothers out there they spend half their lives in diapers ex. pads, diapers, tampons, and the other half our life changing other peoples diapers ex. kids or our aging parents.